The Amazons Benevolent Society

SDCE provides annual parade support Lundi Gras, protecting the public from the fierce warriors

"We cut through darkness creating a path of goodness and light." The Amazons were founded in 2012 after founder, Dianne Honore', was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was her 3rd bout and 3rd completely different type of cancer over 30 years. She wanted to do something to help others. Already in the nursing profession she felt the need to be of even greater service to her community. Being surrounded by so many strong compassionate friends and fellow warriors she founded the group realizing there is strength in numbers. They could do even more good for the community as a collective through volunteer work, fundraising and service! She built a team of leaders whose focus is positive community involvement, fundraising for local cancer fighters, healing workshops and other events as well as a support group. The Scythians are the Amazons' male counterparts. Last year the group added Young Amazons and Scythians; Outstanding kids in the community who work with the Amazons at fundraisers and volunteer events. The kids also dress in armor and march along with the Amazons and Scythians in parades!