Full Moon Halloween photo by James Scott Cullen

Halloween Moon by James Scott Cullen

Dear Former Sisters of NYX, 

The Société de Champs Elyseé would like to express our most sincere condolences for the recent turmoil in the Krewe of NYX. Please know that SDCE understands that Black Lives Matter, and we welcome you to join us. 

We are the krewe that traditionally rolls on Twelfth Night via the streetcar on St. Claude Avenue. While we were unable to roll last year due to the obstruction of our route by the Hard Rock collapse, we still held our soiree. This year’s landscape, between the Hard Rock and COVID 19 is unclear, but we also participate in community work year round. 

These are some of our current projects. 

We have annually signed up to feed 200+ people in need, 5-6 times a year at St. Mark’s Church on Rampart Street, but since March have helped serve 200-500 weekly, and have joined a loose coalition for food distribution that includes Cattail Cooks, Familias Unidas en Acción, Second Harvest and Kristin G Palmer. 

We have provided water, food, and sanctuary for protesters during the BLM actions, and for the hoppers on strike at Metro Sanitation.. 

We bake for the St. Joseph’s altar at St Augustine’s. 

We’re just a tiny krewe, but we have a big heart and know how to have fun and assist the community. We keep our dues at a reasonable $125 a year but do expect some contribution, either of time or financial, to aid our missions. So, if you have decided to do something a little more laid back, we would love to have you join us. 

Looking forward to meeting you! 

Société de Champs Elysee