Captain's Log 8.22.2020 addendum and update 8.31.2020

There are 5000 unplanned tourists in town. The Government agencies are doing what they do in emergencies; planning on having meetings to discuss what can be done. Meanwhile, we are driving truck loads of food and supplies to Canal Street where the displaced are wandering around, dazed, confused, and broke.

The world is still upside down, and people still are hungry, and need to be fed. SDCE continues to expand the scope of our efforts, as help from outside is dwindling. Pastor Cory made  deal months ago that still brings a truck filled with good milk weekly and is divvied up amongst small NGO's. And we go every Saturday to take the leftovers from Culture Aid New Orleans & World Central Kitchen to the walk-in coolers at Kajun's and Arabella's where our Queens hold an open pantry Monday-Friday 2-4 at their shuttered bar. Joanne is making red beans for 300 this Monday, and Lisa has been going out on our route 3-4 days a week. We fill  2 Communiy Fridges  and deliver to a couple magick porches, and shut-ins, and the quarantined.

And, yes, people we have fed have died from the COVIDs, and we still bring food to their families.

But our main target is the folks who live under the Calliope. They have no way to heat or store the meals from the city program, and are served by folks like us- the social democrats, Peoples Defense League  and some real cool christians with a bus that has showers, laundry, and a kitchen on board. The biggest request is always WATER. Again, Pastor Cory made a deal for a pallet of water to arrive every month. We bring cold water. And ice water. We continue to help feed all comers at St Mark's where we are assisting in broadcasting their weekly service. Sunday September 6th, we will host a weenie roast at Gov Nicholls & Rampart from 11:11-1, and will have a fund-raising holiday grill set up for more frankfurter fun and socially distanced dawgs at 2256 St Claude.

Yes, we can use help, donations, dry goods, and yes, we all wish we could have Barbara Kelemencky hugs right now, but, we will survive together, and soon maybe we can hold hands, pass a bowl, share a glass. Until then, we are going to do what needs to be done.

To join us, hit "Add To Cart" and pay your annual dues of $125. Remember, as a 501(c)7, we are not tax deductible. And, there is a very good chance we will not have a big party Jan 6 2021, but will use our dues to feed the hungry and tempest tossed.

SDCE is a 501 (c)7 organization. Donations to our efforts to feed the hungry are not tax deductible.

The Societé des Champs Elysée is a Social Aid and Benevolent Krewe dedicated to the betterment of the neighborhoods along the cross formed by the Elysian Fields and Saint Claude/ Henriette Dellille, and thus, the world.

A Full House. Kings Queens and a Joker

A Full House. Kings Queens and a Joker