SDCE has been feeding the homeless and hungry for years and have upped our game and have been moving food around to where it is needed since March. We have worked with Culture Aid NOLA,, World Central Kitchen, Second Harvest, Southern Solidarity & Cattail Cooks among others. We fill Community Fridges, and make hot meals for folks in camps around the city. We have not kept track of how many pounds, how many meals, how many tears or smiles. We do what we can do.

Throughout December, we collected winter needs for our friends in the Calliope camp. We delivered on 12th Night, when the Wiser Women arrive with gifts that are really needed. No myrrh.




SDCE feeds New Orleans

Community Fridges

Krewe Of House Floats                                           We Are The Champions!

Ryan H Rigsbee Photos©️

SDCE is a 501 (c)7 organization. Donations to our efforts to feed the hungry are not tax deductible.

Full Moon Halloween photo by James Scott Cullen

Halloween Moon by James Scott Cullen

The Societé des Champs Elysée is a Social Aid and Benevolent Krewe dedicated to the betterment of the neighborhoods along the cross formed by the Elysian Fields and Saint Claude/ Henriette Dellille, and thus, the world.

A Full House. Kings Queens and a Joker

A Full House. Kings Queens and a Joker



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