King Stanley & Queen Stella

Kevin & Tiffany Eyer


Reigning as King Stanley and Queen Stella are Kevin & Tiffany Eyer.
Kevin has lived in Gentilly all but a handful of his years. Together, with Tiffany, his wife of two decades, they have turned their block in to a community center with nearly all their neighbors opening their back yards to create one large yard, with multiple outdoor cooking and entertaining areas, as well as room to hitch their carriage to the two horses that live in the stable beneath their house. Their home also has a stage, complete with piano, bass, room for horns, and space for dancing and dining. They have two children in high school, Tera and Mark. They are both long time members of S.P.A.N.K. and Krewe of Dreux, and 2018 will mark Tiff
any’s 9th year riding in Muses with The Ladies Godiva Riding Club.


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